The Fostering A Future Scholarship, sponsored by Children's Action Network and
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, is a national scholarship program designed to provide
youth who were adopted from foster care at or after the age of 13 with financial assistance
in pursuing a college, vocational, or technical education.

Meet Our 2011 Fostering A Future Scholarship Recipients

Anthony Osagie is a young man from Saint Paul, Minnesota who will be attending Pace University to obtain his undergraduate degree before attending dentistry school to pursue his dream of becoming a dentist. Throughout high school, Anthony was very involved, whether it was football, a youth advisor at a camp or speaking about the importance of a loving family. His oldest sister, now his adoptive mother, has had the most positive influence on his life. When he moved from New York to Minnesota to live with her, she provided him with better educational opportunities and an improved quality of life. He says his family molded him into the young man he has become and it will be a pleasure to give back and have the same positive influence on others.

Ashley Saxe, from St. Michael, Minnesota will be continuing her education through a child development program at Hennepin Technical College this Fall. This summer she has been volunteering as a camp counselor for children living with HIV/AIDS, as she has done for many summers. Having been in foster care since she was two years old, Ashley knows first hand how important it is for youth to have strong role models. She has been through a lot in her young life, but she knows her past won’t define her future and she looks forward to being a successful member of society.

William DeRepentigny is a recent high school graduate from Manchester, New Hampshire where he raised more than $1,000 for the Special Olympics. His involvement with the Special Olympics has shown him that many people have obstacles in their lives but if they keep pushing and trying, they will succeed. William will be attending Landmark College in Vermont, a school designed to help youth with learning disabilities thrive. He has already attended summer programs at Landmark and looks forward to being enrolled as a full time student.

Mariah Miller is a recent high school graduate from Milford, Iowa who will attend Buena Vista University. She will major in social work and secondary education which will help her pursue a career as a high school guidance counselor. Her dream is to help children who have gone through experiences similar to her own and turn their struggles into success as she has done. She credits her grandmother with being the person who taught her everything and helped her to become the person she is today.

John Joseph Bonnett from Richfield, Minnesota, will embark on a new adventure at Northwestern College this Fall. He plans to major in Business and minor in Computer Technology and hopes to make the soccer team as well as participate in theater productions. While in high school, John Joseph was very involved in sports, theater and community service, helping organizations like Feed My Starving Children, an organization close to his heart. He remembers fondly groups who visited him in his orphanage in the Philipppines and now he wants to share that same compassion with others.

Barry Jones is a young man from Antioch, Tennessee who will pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Watkins College of Art, Design and Film in Nashville. He would love to design album covers and edit videos for musicians and his ultimate goal is to own an company that will meet the graphic design, illustration and animation needs of the business community. He has already named his future company JANE Enterprises, after his mother who has always encouraged him to be involved and give back to his community.


Robert Corell-Johanns is a recent high school graduate from Manly, Iowa who will be attending North Iowa Community College in the Fall to get his AA before transferring to a university to continue his education in the IT field. In high school, Robert was part of the National Honor Society and did a lot of volunteer work through his church. He says his adoptive mother who was once his neighbor has been his guardian angel throughout his life. She taught him about respect and a strong work ethic as well as how to overcome obstacles through strength and determination. Robert says his she inspires him and he will use all the values he has learned from her throughout his life.

Erin Countermarsh is a young man from Oakland, Maryland who will begin his college education at Daytona State College and then complete his degree at a university in Florida where he will major in Computer Science. In high school Erin was involved in student government, soccer and track as well as the Knights of Columbus and the Lyon’s Club. He says his Nana, who adopted him, is the most influential person in his life as she has always been there for him and is always happy to help him with anything and everything he needs. His childhood may have been rocky, but Erin looks forward to new experiences and creating a wonderful life for himself.



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