We all know the difference a new outfit can make for a job interview or the first day of college, carrying a young person forward with greater self-esteem and confidence. That is why Children's Action Network, Children's Law Center and Jo Kaplan have teamed up to create Fresh Outfitters, a store just for youth aging out of foster care.

Children in the foster care system have been removed from dangerous, unsafe living situations by the court, and some have been in foster care all their lives. Los Angeles County has nearly 30,000 kids in foster care, and 3,000 of them are 18-21 years old. When they age out of foster care they are truly on their own. Even for those who are working or in school, making ends meet is tough, and shopping for new clothing is a dream most can't realize.

Here's where Fresh Outfitters comes in! All of the items in the store are new and generously donated by manufacturers, retailers and individuals, creating a wonderful array of choices for the youth.

A young person, newly freed from the system, can "shop" in the store at no charge. They are able to "buy" clothes, shoes and accessories to help prepare them for job interviews, graduation and their entry into the adult world.  

Fresh Outfitters is fueled by volunteers and we need your help!    

If you are interested in volunteering at Fresh Outfitters, click here and send us an email.




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